Dear Cattle Ranchers — Don’t Take the Impossible Bait

Impossible Foods newly launched campaign “We are Meat” is worthy of only one response. Ignore it.

Farmer Georgie


Photo by Hennie Stander on Unsplash

Is anybody getting bored with Impossible Foods trying to pick a fight with meat producers? I sure am.

Here’s their first national ad campaign — “We Are Meat.” Seriously? Oy.

For Impossible, the path to reaching their goal of meat being “obsolete by 2035” is apparently by marketing their product as, um, meat. Call me crazy, but there seems to be a hefty dose of cerebral disconnect in this strategy.

I think this marketing campaign has a much more insidious ambition. I think Impossible is trying to pick a fight.

We all know everybody loves an underdog and Impossible Foods has positioned itself as just that. They are the “Bad News Bears” versus the Big, Bad Beef Behemoth. Never mind that Impossible Foods is valued at more than $4 billion and CEO Pat Brown himself is estimated worth several million, but an average U.S. rancher earns just shy of $56,000 a year.

Impossible Foods is the little guy taking on “the man.” Whoever that might be. Or so they’d like consumers to fall for. I mean, believe.

Proclaiming “We are Meat?” That reeks of a “poke the bear” strategy.

Impossible CEO Has a History of Picking Fights

Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown already has the “poke the rancher” playbook well in hand. Just a few years ago, this was the man that called regenerative ranchers the “clean coal of meat.”

That raised some serious hackles. Will Harris of White Pasture Oaks, probably the best-known regenerative rancher in the U.S., responded with a press release and invited Brown to visit his ranch (last I heard, Brown never took Harris up on the offer).

Civil Eats published a story on the “feud.”



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