Coronavirus Panic is Not the Media’s Fault

Stop Blaming the Media for Basic Human Nature

Farmer Georgie


“Media hype” has long been a favored whipping post when the human species loses their ever-loving minds.

With the coronavirus panic hitting the U.S. hard it’s sure a lot easier to point fingers than take a hard look at ourselves.

It’s the media’s fault, we scream, as California declares a state of emergency and the Dow Jones tanks.

I’d wish I could blame it all on Trump. I’ll still blame a lot of it on Trump.

But honestly, I see the same accusation lobbied from all sides of the political fence. It just depends on whether you agree with the headlines of the day. Or not.

Welp, here’s the thing — the media is merely a reflection of YOU and ME and ALL of US!

So, stop blaming the media for ‘causing panic’ you happen to disagree with.

You’re not tired of the ‘media hype.’ You’re tired of ‘human-nature hype.’

Do You REALLY Want a Government Run Media System? Really?

Our media isn’t government-controlled. It’s funded by good ole capitalism.

And that means, the media reports on things that people read and ‘click on.’ Because clicks equal advertisement and advertisement equals sales. Capitalism.

But guess what people don’t click on? A headline that reads –

“Breaking News! Nothing Happened Today!”

Ahh, but-but-but the media has a ‘responsibility’ to be ethical and definitely not alarmist, you say.

Well, okay. Editorial desks do have these conversations. Reputable publications even have policies on these things.

But bottom line it comes down to this — who becomes the gatekeeper of what is reasonable information that should be released.

And what is not?

Imagine there was an outbreak of coronavirus in your town. Do you want an editor you don’t even know to be determining whether that information should be made public or not? Who gives them that right?



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