Can Farmers Reverse Climate Change and Save the World?

Woody Harrelson Says So.

Farmer Georgie


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I watched the Kiss the Ground film on a creepy, smoky September morning. The West Coast is on fire again. My Covid mask supply has been doing double-duty, warding off a pandemic and smoke inhalation.

2020 sucks.

Enter Kiss the Ground. A film claiming that we can reverse climate change, fix our health, ease global tensions, and save farmers’ livelihoods by managing dirt — aka regenerative agriculture.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, regenerative agriculture is catching all the buzz these days. Kiss the Ground is the latest, greatest, most star-studded act yet produced to spread the word. What has got folks so stoked about the concept of regenerative agriculture is the benefits that come out of rebuilding and healing the soil. The biggest one (more about that later) is the claim that regenerative practices can sequester carbon.

Meaning farmers have the power to reverse climate change.

Whoa. Wait a minute, say what? Building “healthy” soil can sequester carbon? And that solves our climate problem? Well, maybe so maybe not.

But the thing is, as ‘pie-in-the-sky’ as regenerative agriculture seems to be when it comes to climate change the Kiss the Ground film is on to something big that the world needs to start paying attention to — soil.

If you eat, you might want to listen up

What Kiss the Ground Gets Right

This film has to be the first time in the history of Hollywood a “conservation agronomist” has been cast as a leading man. And, germaphobes, you might want to take a deep breath here, but we learn about all the beneficial creepy-crawling bugs in our soil from a geeky organic farmer proudly sporting her KALE shirt.



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