Impossible Foods newly launched campaign “We are Meat” is worthy of only one response. Ignore it.

Is anybody getting bored with Impossible Foods trying to pick a fight with meat producers? I sure am.

Here’s their first national ad campaign — “We Are Meat.” Seriously? Oy.

For Impossible, the path to reaching their goal of meat being “obsolete by 2035” is apparently by marketing their product…

Using a patent-pending cleaning process, a Wyoming company hopes to water ranchlands with the notoriously nasty byproduct from oil and gas wells

A Patterson-UTI drilling rig operating for Ultra Petroleum Resources in the Pinedale Anticline natural gas field, in Sublette County, near Pinedale, Wy. The PInedale Anticline is one of the highest producing gas fields in the United States. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling at depths of 5,000 to 20,000 feet releases the gas.

When people think about fracking, most think about fossil fuels. But Wyoming rancher Owen Goertz, 70, thinks about water. Specifically, the approximately 5,000 to 8,000 barrels a day of fracking byproduct water that is currently produced on his land. For the last 30 years, Goertz has leased out oil and…

The modern American turkey is the epitome of “get big or get out”

In the 1960s, my tiny, rural farming community in Washington State raised 100,000 Thanksgiving turkeys a year. This year, we raised less than a few dozen at most. I personally raised nine.

The turkey once supported thousands of family farms and rural, agrarian economies across the United States. But as…

Livestock with gene-edited testicles can help humans survive an increasingly food-insecure world

In a Pullman, Washington, laboratory barn, goat #1962 has one purpose: Go forth and multiply.

#1962 is in the world’s first-ever generation of a gene-edited “Super Daddy” or “Surrogate Sire” goat. This means he has the balls (literally) to pass on not his but another, more elite buck’s DNA.


Woody Harrelson Says So.

I watched the Kiss the Ground film on a creepy, smoky September morning. The West Coast is on fire again. My Covid mask supply has been doing double-duty, warding off a pandemic and smoke inhalation.

2020 sucks.

Enter Kiss the Ground. A film claiming that we can reverse climate change, fix our health, ease global tensions, and save farmers’ livelihoods by managing dirt — aka regenerative agriculture.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, regenerative agriculture is catching all the buzz these days. Kiss the…

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