4 Every-Day Idioms Inspired By Farm Life

I’m writing about it until the ‘cows come home’

Farmer Georgie


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What are the silly things that writers — who are also farmers — think about? At least this one?

Farm-inspired idioms. And what they really mean.

I know, I know. I’m a dork and this is mind-blowing stuff. But what can I say? These are the sort of things that — to use a not farm-inspired idiom — ‘tickle my fancy.’

Here’s four of my favorite ‘farm-inspired’ idioms.

Get or have “all your ducks in a row.”

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Modern day meaning?

To be organized and prepared. Frequently about a financial matter or a significant change or large proposal.

Where did it come from? There are a few different theories.

One theory is from the days when lawn bowling was popular and bowlers lined up all their pins, aka ‘ducks,’ in a row. Or perhaps from the carnival days when shooting galleries featured tin ‘ducks’ lined up ‘in a row.’

I don’t buy either of those theories.

Why? Because I’ve had ducks. And you know what they do? They walk (alright more like waddle) in a row.

Always the big boss hen (female) duck will lead the way, quacking loudly and insistently. The rest of the flock lines up, and away they waddle. In a row.

I wish my own affairs would line themselves up so neatly and nicely, of their own accord, as ducks do!

‘Don’t spill the beans.’

Photo by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash

Meaning — don’t reveal secret or surprise information. Often maliciously.

Now Google says the origin of this particular idiom is from ancient Greece. People cast secret votes by putting a white or black bean in a jar. If somebody knocked the pot over, the beans would pour out and the secret revealed. Hence “don’t…



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